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NEW Update - Latest Interaction with Facebook
**You know the saying The proof is in the pudding**...
Bryan's stolen photo was reported through the standard reporting system RECOMMENDED by Facebook. FB felt it was not against their Community Standards for a man Bryan does not know, to use his personal photos without permission.
Facebooks standard answer is to "block the account". This option is unacceptable when it's Facebook allowing the criminal activity to occur. We sent a letter to the Facebook team we "work" directly with, which you will find here, along with their response. We were not looking for a quick account removal but an answer to the irresponsibility and lack of security. We will continue posting these types of findings because it's critical that account holders are aware that after the multiple promises from Zuckerberg regarding the safety of his platforms, the same issues continue to after report.
We've all given Facebook YEARS to prove otherwise. It is not us as the account holders fault, for building a company faster than what they can safely protect. But now we feel the ramifications of their mistakes. You can not deny proof and you can not deny the words you spoke (Zuckerberg). Federal Regulations must be put in place for responsibility to be acknowledged.
Denny Bryan
Our reply to:   You anonymously reported Denny Bryan's photo
Today at 11:12am
Good Morning Team,
We report as we are expected to by Facebooks's reporting standards. The following account contains one of Bryan's photos
I have attached the photo used and the answer back from FB after reporting this stolen photo. Bryan was never approached by the Facebook reporting team to confirm he gave this thief permission to use his personal photo. Can an explination be given why the majority of reports to Facebook are incorrectly resolved? The repeated occurrences over the past 3 years are no longer just concerning but unethical and nefarious.
Where do we go from here? Acknowledgement of this concern (along with the last provided report) is highly warranted and coveted.
Best Regards,
After this reply back to Facebook, the profile was (finally) removed