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Why has Facebook stopped talking to us?
We waited over 3 weeks and decided to send another letter. These letters went to the entire Facebook team we "work" with. No acknowledgement after the first letter in regard to the "Reporting as a friend" informational report we did. Did we strike a nerve? Are the assumptions so true there's nothing to say? Would admitting mean they now have to take responsibility? Or would acknowledgement show their involvement?

Now after in person meetings, much correspondence and a third letter they are going to "take a look"?
To Facebook - May 10th
Advocating For U
First I'd like to say, thank you xxxxx for your response and time.
Please understand it's disappointing when your personal photos are used in crimes yet have no control over anything that comes about them. Bryan was notified by Facebook of the possible impersonating accounts, but couldn't verify the fake accounts himself. After our personal investigation the concluding proof showed Facebooks reporting system is significantly inaccurate. So how many impersonating accounts using Bryan's photos are slipping through Facebooks "security cracks" if you will. Bryan was the one addressed by Facebook. Not the other way around. It's hard to fathom how something like this can be missed if a real person is viewing the accounts?
Receiving an answer by someone knowledgeable in this IT area has yet to occur, which leads us to firmly believe either 1. Nobody at Facebook is sure of the reason behind innaccuracies 2. Sharing would be admitting the faults with little to no resolution in place. 3. The findings are purposeful.
I believe not only does Bryan have a right to know, but every Identity Theft victim on the platforms experiencing the same results.
We are hopeful the team will address our findings with us in the very near future with definitive answers.
Thank you again xxxxx for your time and help. We do realize you're very busy.
Second One To Facebook - June 3rd
Advocating For U
Hello Team,
There's been quite a bit of time that has passed since the first email about the "report from friends" Bryan was receiving. Are there no answers to speak of regarding our concerns?
I know we asked legitimate questions that pertained to the platforms safety. If our reporting sincerely helps the company of Facebook (as we have been told multiple times in the past by the team) to review cracks in the system, then a comprehensive response would be beneficial so we can all interpret the safety process when it comes to reporting.
As mentioned prior, a lack of engagement and no response does raise eyebrows. So, where does this go from here? The concerns do not pertain to Bryan alone, but all who experience the same platform reporting concerns. It's a significant issue for many that will need to be addressed at some point if not here.
Reply From Facebook - June 3rd
Hi Kathy,
My fault for going silent. I just sent all past emails to our operations team to ask them to take a look. Will also get you a more detailed response from someone on the technical side.
Completely understand and recognize that the concerns you've flagged go beyond Brian's situation. We have a dedicated team working on the issue of impersonation, so I'll circle back with more information from them.
Very sorry for the delay on our end,
Still Waiting - 314 Days
Advocating For U
me May 26 7:09am
Good Morning xxxxx, xxxxx and xxxxx
Looks like this account is still active. I'm not sure what constitutes a removal or what is reviewed for it's dismissal. There are thousands, literally, of fake accounts tied to this account (over 57,00 followers, primarily fake accounts of those who's photos have been stolen and used time and time again on IG and FB for example: our top military, the royals, bikini models, professional weight lifters, doctors, etc..)
Here is the account one more time:
Oh, and she even has a "fake Bryan" friend (which has a photo we reported to the team to flag back in October, 2017)
Please review. There are many accounts just like this on IG.