Advocating Against Romance Scammers
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Facebook Reports
The following reports were conducted on behalf of every scammed and identity theft victim on Facebook's platforms. The goal was to make Facebook more aware of the wrongful activity upon their site in hopes to come together in helping make their platforms safer. Every report was sent via postal mail with a return signed reciept to the CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg. The reports were also sent via postal mail to every Facebook Board of Director during the time of the reports written. The team that we "work with" at Facebook were also sent a copies via email. Verbal acknowledgement from the CEO, COO and Board of Directors of Facebook were never obtained.
The following top topics were addressed:
1. Reporting of Fake Accounts on Facebook
2. Reporting of Fake Accounts on Instagram
3. Anti-Scam Groups
4. Criminal Based Accounts (Yahoo Boys, Gee Guys, etc.)
5. Building of Fake Accounts
6. Ramifications of Cropping photos and Facial Recognition
7. Facebook Community Standards
Behind Every Successful...
August, 2017      Open As:     PDF
Quarterly 1 Report
February 1, 2018      Open As:     PDF
Quarterly 2 Report
May 1, 2018      Open As:     PDF
Quarterly 3 Report
Aug 1, 2018      Open As:     MS Word     PDF
Annual Report
Dec 11, 2018      Open As:     MS Word     PDF
A Look At Reporting
Sep 18, 2019      Open As:     MS Word     PDF