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Advocating Against Romance Scammers was created to help bring awareness and convey the way online romance scams have impacted our world today. The ill aftermaths of poor platform security along with the significantly outdated Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act, has allowed criminals to use the platforms as their base to perform unlawful acts such as identity theft, money laundering, sales of fake government id's etc. We cannot knowingly consent such activity to transpire and we refuse to "roll over" to big tech companies. We are not just a voice, but your voice. Help bring awareness to the cause and sign the petition. Every signature matters!
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Latest Update - Advocating Against Romance Scams
*** UPDATE ***
Published on Sun Feb 02 01:08pm
MEETING DATE: January 30, 2020
On January 30, 2020, at 1:00pm PST, Bryan and I had our eighth call with the Legislative Director (LD) from Representative Kinzinger’s office. The subject once again, revolved around the safety and security amongst our platforms and how social media needs to be responsible for what they allow to be posted upon their site. We are all still in agreement that the current laws are expired in the realm of technology (such as Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act). We are also on the same page that something needs to be done sooner than later. That being said, please know they are working diligently on a change within the laws, and we have once again offered our time and expertise with anything they may be working on.
When we inquired again what more we can do to help any change along, we were told that the letters, and show of any kinds of support are key. The pleas for change, the stories from victims and families are all tools that can bring new laws to light. Congress needs to see and hear the harm the scams cause their constituents including on a global scale. You can find the link below to the post on our Facebook page with the information as to where you can send your letters!
We also were informed that the Legislative Director would like to have another call with us within the next week or two for a follow up on what’s to come. Bryan and I were, again, very thankful for the time the LD gave to us along with the information to pass on.
The call lasted approximately 40 minutes.
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Personal Note
Having over an estimated 3500 volunteer/advocate hours not including our in person and or teleconference meetings, along with travel, We have no plans to cease this fight, but every intention to follow through until identity theft victims and scam survivors feel vindicated. We feel it is an honor and a privilege to be a voice for so many