Advocating Against Romance Scammers
Advocating Against Romance Scammers, is a nonprofit created to help bring awareness and convey the way online romance scams have impacted our world today
Col Bryan Denny
Let Congress know you want something done about it
Kathy Waters
We cannot knowingly consent such activity to transpire and we refuse to "roll over" to big tech companies. We are not just a voice, but your voice. Help bring awareness to the cause and sign the petition. Every signature matters!
Personal Note: Having over an estimated 3500 volunteer/advocate hours not including our in person and or teleconference meetings, along with travel, We have no plans to cease this fight, but every intention to follow through until identity theft victims and scam survivors feel vindicated. We feel it is an honor and a privilege to be a voice for so many
** UPDATE **
Published on Thu Apr 23 04:27pm
Click here for Rep. Kinzinger’s Press Release
We are more than excited to announce to every scammed and identity theft victim out there that we made a huge huge gain this week! 2 Bills have been introduced! 2!!!! We will post more info on them very soon! Here is the press release!! We were asked to wait to announce, so the last 48 hours about killed us!!!! But it’s here and we are all ready to make history!!!!! Let’s do this!!!
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